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Normal Appointments
Normal Appointments

Appointments can be made Online or by calling the Medical Practice.


Appointments enable the doctor to manage his/her time so as to accommodate all patients.


There is often also a need to deal with urgent problems and to see patients who need unexpected medical attention. 


We are therefore happy to see patients who 'walk in' without an appointment. 

After Hours Home Visits
After Hours Home Visits

After hours attendances are provided by Doctor Doctor by calling 132 660 or our normal phone number 9336 8100. Doctor Doctor is an independent service and not part of our practice.

Your request for after hours consultation will be triaged by their call centre prior to any attendance.


They will provide us with a summary of your consultation with the doctor by the next morning.

Test Results
Test Results
It is really importmant that you make an appointment to follow up results of any tests you are advised by the doctor to undertake. This way your Doctor will be able to explain the results adequately.
It is not correct to assume that if you don't receive a call from the doctor then 'everything must be ok'. 
For concerns of confidentiality and risk of errors, results will not be given on the phone by reception staff.
Medical Records & Privacy
Medical Records & Privacy

Your medical records are confidential.


Our policy is to maintain security of your personal health information at all times. In the interests of providing quality health care we have developed a privacy policy that complies with the Commonwealth Government legislation and recognises the rights of our patients to privacy.


Information leaflets are available at the centre outlining our policy.


Further information regarding the legislation is available from Federal Privacy Commissioner on the telephone number 1300 363 992 and website!

Long Appointment
Long Appointments

Longer consultations are available on request. Please inform the receptionist at the time of making an appointment.

Home Visits by Doctors
Home Visits

Home visiting is available to patients who regularly attend the medical practice and live within 5km distance from the practice - these visits will attract an additional fee.


Please contact our reception for further details of these costs.

Contacting the Doctors
Contacting the Doctors

Doctors in this practice can be contacted during surgery hours.


If the doctor is with a patient or unable to take your call, you can leave a message for the doctor to return your call.


For urgent matters, please ask to speak with the Practice Nurse on duty.


For medical emergencies, you are better served by dialling 000 or going to the hospital emergency department.

Recall & Reminder Systems
Recall & Reminder System

Our practice is committed to follow up care and preventative care for our patients.


We participate in the use of registers in national/state reminder systems.


We may issue you with a reminder notice from time to time as appropriate. Methods we use are SMS, a direct phone call and letter Via Australia Post.

Patient Feedback
Patient Feedback

Your suggestions and input into how we can improve our service is always welcome.


We believe that problems of any sort are best dealt with by the practice and we would always wish to know if you were unhappy with any aspect of our service.


Patient feedback & complaints forms are available at the reception desk or you can contact the Practice Manager.

Seeing Your Doctor

"Your Health is OUR Concern"

At Tullamarine Complete Health Centre our motto is "Your Health is OUR Concern" - meaning that YOU, the patient, is our first priority and everything else comes later. Unlike many other clinics, we believe in personalised long term care and so we give you the choice to see the doctor of your choice.


We prefer that you make an appointment first (either by calling 9336 8100 or Online).


But if you are unable to do this due to any reason, then you are welcome to walk-in without an appointment.


It is only fair though that those with appointments are given priority in terms of waiting to see the doctor.

Normal consultations are 10-15 minutes in duration. Longer appointments can be requested for more complex medical needs.

Electronic Communications

  • Our practice does not respond to email requests from patients.

  • Electronic communication sent or received by Tullamarine Complete Health Centre is not encrypted and is not secure.

  • Third parties may be able to intercept, read, alter, forward or use personal health information transmitted by electronic communication, without authorisation or detection by you or Tullamarine Complete Health Centre.

  • An unsecure message may be accidently forwarded to unintended recipients.

  • Employers and internet service providers generally have the right to inspect and review any messages transmitted or received using their systems.

  • Information shared by electronic means may be printed, copied, and stored by any recipient in multiple locations.

  • Tullamarine Complete Health Centre is not responsible for any unauthorised access to or use of your personal health information that results from any unencrypted transmission that you authorise.


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