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What is Podiatry?

Podiatry is the study and treatment of foot and ankle disorders. A podiatrist can help with these disorders and enhance your independence by prevent further foot problems.

Podiatric Diagnosis


The staff at Medical Foot Care are highly skilled and competent clinicians who have an extensive podiatry background across all fields, enabling them to provide a definitive diagnosis with respect to any foot problems you may present with. Their continuing professional development exposes them to the most up to date treatments enabling them to provide patients with the highest level of podiatry care.

Podiatric Services

Podiatrist at Medical Foot Care provide an array of services catering for all facets of podiatry including the treatment of foot and ankle pain, biomechanical assessments, gait evaluation, foot wear advice, ultrasound assessment of lower limb blood flow and sensory testing in patients suffering diabetes, ingrown toe nails, skin conditions such as wart and fungal infections, and general podiatry care including nails, corns and calluses.

Podiatric Treatments

Podiatrists at Medical Foot Care are able to provide patients with a wide range of treatments for various foot related issues. This includes customized foot insoles (orthoses) and prefabricated foot insoles for various musculoskeletal conditions such as heel pain, ingrown toe nail surgery to prevent the reoccurrence of painful and infected ingrown nails, strapping and padding to restrict motion and offload painful areas of the feet, and construction of silicon devices to minimize painful pressure areas throughout the feet. 

Do I require an appointment to see a podiatrist? 

Yes, an appointment is required in order to be seen by a podiatrist at Medical Foot Care. Please ring to organise an appointment with one of the podiatrists. Presenting to the clinic without an appointment may result in disappointment. In the event you can not make an appointment, please provide 24 hours notification.

Will my podiatry treatment be covered by Medicare?

Podiatry treatment is only covered by Medicare for those patients who present with a valid Enhanced Primary Care plan which must be obtained from your General Practitioner. Not all patients are eligible for this funding so please consult your GP prior to determine eligibility. If this plan is not current or the appropriate paper work has not been provided, the podiatry services will not be covered by Medicare and will incur a normal consultation fee.

Am i required to pay for my podiatry visit on the same day?

Yes, payment is required immediately after your podiatry treatment. There are some items such as customised insoles that only require an initial deposit with the remainder to be paid upon pick up. Medicare patients with a valid referral are bulk billed and only need to provide a signature after their podiatry treatment.


Is podiatry treatment covered by all health insurers?

If you have private health insurance, please ensure that you contact your insurer to determine if you are covered for podiatry services. This varies significantly in accordance to individual plans, so please investigate prior.

Adapted/Edited from 'Medical Foot Care' website



9449 9393 or 9336 8100

  • On-site, Part Time, Podiatric care 

  • Guidance & Help with footwear for various needs

  • Foot & Gait assessment

  • Orthoses - off-the-shelf & custom designed/fitted

  • Many services are BULK BILLED

  • Private Health Insurance rebates apply to some services

Services offered:



  • Foot and Ankle Pain

  • Foot Orthoses

  • Sports Podiatry

  • Ingrown Toe Nails

  • Diabetes Assessments

  • General Podiatry Treatment

  • Corns, Calluses and Warts

  • Foot Odour

  • Blisters

  • Fungal Skin & nail infections

  • Long/Thick/Hard nail treatment

  • General Foot Care

  • Up to 5 sessions per calendar year can be BULK BILLED if referred by your GP under an EPC care plan

  • Private Health Insurance rebates also available for extra visits

  • Extra visits may incur a fee - please call us for details

  • Suitable for TAC & Workcover & DVA patients

  • Fees can be paid by cash, EFTPOS or credit card (VISA or Mastercard only)

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